The netbook cart is once again available to borrow from the Media Center. It has 24 computers. These are NOT Chromebooks--they have a Windows operating system and include Microsoft Word and Excel.

Click on the buttons below for information on how to book A14 or the netbook cart, cancel, and see confirmed bookings.


Please note:

  • A15 is no longer available.

  • You can book up to two months in advance. If you need to book more than two months from now, please email me at bruscinid@bsd-ri.net.

  • The time slot viewer slides to 9:00 am by default. You will need to scroll to the left to see the 7:30-8:35 time slot.

  • You can book multiple slots on one day with a single booking, but if you need the lab or cart for more than one day, you will need to submit a booking for each day.